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Which is the Best Dog Guard?

We often get asked - which is the cheapest dog guard? Surely the question should be - Which is the best dog guard to buy?

We've learnt from personal experience over the years, that cheap is not usually the best - especially with dog guards. They tend not to last very long, are flimsy, fall over or just don't live up to your expectations, which is why here at Dog Guards R Us we are here to help you find the best dog guard for you at a range of different budgets.

We are dog owners ourselves and over the years we have had Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and Collies so understand what is needed to keep them in the boot of your car and not on your lap! With feedback and chatting to our customers we also understand what owners with the smaller dog requires too. So the question is - which is the best dog guard?

We choose to sell two main types of dog guard - the Saunders semi universal dog guard and the Travall dog guard. Over the years we have used both manufacturers guards and have always been more than happy with them which is why we sell them and recommend them, and not the ones you can find on the High Street!

Saunders Semi Universal Tubular Guard

Price: £45 - £60


Saunders Semi Universal Wire Mesh Guard

Price: £55 - £70


Saunders Dog Guards

Saunders dog guards have been in production for over 60 years - so they must be doing something right! It is a popular guard to copy, but Saunders dog guards are still the original and best! The guards come in a choice of tubular or wire mesh. It is really your choice as to which one you prefer mainly, but there are things to consider such as roof mounted seat belts, top storage boxes etc. If you want to have a chat with us about which one would suit you better, please drop us an email. We are always happy to help and advise you. These dog guards do not require any drilling or modification to your vehicle, nor will it leave any marks on the roof lining. They are also easy to install and can be easily swapped into a similar sized vehicle.

Travall Dog Guards

Price: £90 - £200


Travall dog guards have been around since about 2007 and are now widely acknowledged as a leading brand for dog guards and dividers. Their products are vehicle specific, so will only fit certain models and model years, making them a perfect fit for your vehicle. These are very easy to fit guards, and can be installed within about 10 minutes. Most vehicles can still use the parcel shelf cover when the guard is installed too. On many of the estate vehicles and SUV's, it is possible to purchase a divider to fit with the dog guard - again it is vehicle specific so that you can be assured of a perfect fit. This is ideal if you want to transport a dog and other items, such as luggage, buggies, pushchairs or shopping. Travall products have been designed so that they can all be used together without any problems.

Which is the Best Dog Guard?

So to answer the question - which is the best dog guard - depending on your requirements and your budget, Saunders and Travall are the best dog guards in our opinion. They are the ones we opt for in our vehicles (which must tell you something!).

Need some help to decide? Drop us an email and let us know which vehicle (and model year) you have, what breed of dog you own and what sort of thing you're looking for.